How We Convert Our Leads

    In continuing our series on lead conversion, today I’d like to share a strategy our team uses each and every day to hold our agents accountable. This strategy essentially outlines how, and how often, our agents should reach out to leads depending on how likely they are to buy in the near future. For example, we expect our agents to reach out to and nurture “hot leads” (those planning to buy or sell in the next three to six months) every 15 days by phone.

    The point is that while we should be contacting every single lead in our database, this contact doesn’t have to (and, in fact, shouldn’t) look the same for every lead. Leads who have indicated plans to buy or sell within the next six to 12 months, as another example, should be contacted every 30 days. In addition to making these calls, our team also sends out pre-written educational emails to showcase the value and expertise our leads can expect from working with us. This strategy has proven to be incredibly effective and has gone a long way in helping our agents consistently convert leads.

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