Finding Your Team’s Subject Matter Experts

    Our flagship team here in Omaha went from 70 to 700 unit sales in just six years, and we decided to create a career blog where we would showcase the 12 key steps we’ve implemented to help build our business in the hopes that our experience could help you grow, as well.

    One of the unique strategies that Omaha’s Elite Real Estate Group has implemented is identifying each and every agent’s strengths and then creating what we call SMEs (subject matter experts). We found the different areas in which an agent specializes and then we invited those agents to train on any given topic to be our team’s resource when it comes to their expertise.

    For example, we have an agent on our team who buys and sells over 80 properties a year as investment properties; they can lend their advice to every agent who represents investors or who is considering investing themselves. Another agent has a property management company and specializes in helping place tenants and representing landlords who are trying to rent out their properties. Yet another agent specializes in commercial land and building sales.

    This is a great opportunity for newer agents to learn more about all these different specializations within the residential real estate space. By identifying subject matter experts in your office, you’re giving these agents the opportunity to share their talents and help the organization grow as a whole.

    Take the time to identify who the next SME will be on your team.

    If you have any questions, or are looking to join Omaha’s Elite Real Estate Group, give me a call at 402-452-0642. You can also email me:

    Finally, be sure to check out the Omaha’s Elite Real Estate Mastermind page on Facebook, where we have built a community in which agents aspiring to do more can trade ideas, ask questions, and post concerns in and around the real estate industry in the Omaha Metro.

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